Saturday, August 29, 2009

Just one more day

Karly is 5 months and 9 days old today.
She rolls over, plays with her toes, smiles all the time, blow raspberries, and laughs. She is perfect! two and half month ago i was facing the scariest moments of my life and they FOREVER changed me. Dr's told me my child would most likely need a very invasive skull surgery, and that was the best case scenario. Years of physical therapy, possible repeat surgeries, and plastic surgery was our future. God stepped in and intervened and we got out of it with a baby and a slightly lumpy head! If he had not i would be preparing right now to put her through the first of multiple surgeries. This is the age my friends lost her sweet boy after a seemly simple surgery. I look back and all the feelings of " I SIMPLY CANNOT DO THIS GOD, I WILL NOT" screamed with clenched teeth and teary eyes come back! I vow to NEVER take for granted, I have my perfect baby and she is healthy and i love her more than words. I don't have to. God swooped in a saved the day. And everyday from that day forward i will remain thankful. One more day i get with my beautiful family. One more day i get to instill in my children a thankful, obedient, god like spirit! One more i day to try to make my heavenly daddy proud...

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Price Check on Tampons-Super Plus- Sented!

So why is it when you are sleep deprived, at your wits end, and grouchy the world seems to go out of their way to step on your toes? Or is it that we just notice the stepping on of the toes more when we are in a weakened state? Really did the lady turn around and scowl at me for no reason-was the brand new male checker just as embarassed as i was when the super plus tampons didn't ring up right- Did the person who cut me off then slam on the brakes and go under the speed limit then stop for a bus before the red blinking lights came on... no there's no excuses for that dude... - My point is... Why does it seems like people go out of their way to irritate you when you are having a down day?