Tuesday, March 31, 2009


On Wednesday March 18th my parents left on a vacation/business trip after much whining from me. I was quickly falling apart in my 38th week of pregnancy and felt i needed my mommy. On Thursday i woke up and was sore and tired so i decided to get out of my crazy messy house and go put together a bag of tricks for my kids ( a backpack full of little toys and snacks just in case they got stuck at the hospital with me for a while) i came home put the bag together, and took a nap. i woke up having some contractions but they were far apart and irregular. Kendra got HORRIBLE diarrhea from a prune juice mishap (she was constipated and jay and i both gave her prune juice not knowing the other had already) She always hides to do the dooty, usually behind the couch. I saw her hidding and got up to find that she was sitting in her dooty. So i cleaned the carpet and spent the rest of the day bathing her, cleaning her, washing her clothes, and running to the potty with a squirty child.

Jay left for work around 4 and i made the kids tuna casserole. I finished AJ's homework, put the kids to bed and at about 8pm started taking note that my contractions were NOT irregular anymore. Approx. 9 mins apart and PAINFUL, i decided that i can NOT go into labor, my mommy is in Mexico and my husband is at work! I know false labor stops if you change positions, drink lots of water, and eat something. So i did all of that! By 10pm they were 8 mins apart and more intense. I decided it was time to wash the smelly tuna dishes just in case. I call jay and he doesn't call me back... At 10:30 i call my aunt, she may be driving me down the hill... At 10:45 Jay calls i tell him i need him to come home by this time they are 5-7 mins apart and intense! He get home at 11 ish and we wake the kids and put them in the car. I cry all the way down there. My mom is going to miss this. My aunt tries to get a hold of her and she says they can't leave till daylight... My mom is going to miss this... : ( By the time i get there they are a steady 2 mins apart and i am starting to fear a car delivery . I get checked in and settled around 1:40 on the 19th. They monitored me and yup, good contractions every 2 mins. I think because of all the stress i wouldn't let myself relax. My contractions weren't doing any good. They made me get up and walk, even if my mom wasn't there i couldn't go home now. This was happening.

I walked and labored all night. I passed women's rooms who had just delivered. One woman had a used set of forceps sitting on the table, i almost barfed! They finally admitted me at like 6 am. I had said before that i wanted NO pitocin, and try for no epidural. By 7 am i was sooo tired already that i new there wasn't much hope if i didn't get the party started. The night shift nurse said she thought i would have her by noon. My parents HOPED they would be back by 2pm. They are going to miss it! Slowly progressing. I never thought i would like having a boy dr, but let me tell you, MEN have longer fingers and it hurts a WHOLE lot less when they do a vag exam! My sweet Dr came in and checked me. Amped up the pitocin and told me to hang on to my booty. At noon my parents got there. No baby yet! I was still at about a 5. But they were there. At 6 my dr broke my water and i tried for a while to not get the epidural but i failed... It freaking hurts! Shortly after that Karly's heart rate started dropping when i had contractions. We found our selves holding our breath during every contraction. Finally the nurse turned off the pitocin, gave me oxygen and rolled me to the side....

FUNNY SIDE NOTE: when one has an epidural, one looses the ability to discretely pass gas. One passes at the bodies free will and one has NO CONTROL over it!!! i would fart... then say sorry....

At 8 pm my contractions had almost completely fizzled out! I knew i was headed for a c-section! at 8:15 my night shift nurse came in and all but had a fit that i was STILL THERE! She said lil karly was tired of being smushed so lets get her outta there! She amped up the pitocin and i was on my way. My parents tired hungry, and slightly delirious, went to the cafeteria to eat.. i told my husband to do the same, after all last time they checked i was only at a 6. i rolled over and tried to sleep a bit. I started feeling funny around 9:45 I looked at my contractions and they were OFFF FFF FF FFF the chart!!!! I texted my mom ( mom i need you) i was afraid i would throw up and i had no ability to move so i would have to do so on myself! My mom came running back and i told her to tell jay and everyone else to NOT come in my room smelling like food or i would kick them out!... I was sooo nauseated. They called the nurse who brought me these silly little kidney bowls... seriously if i am going to barf i am going to need more then a dixie cup to barf in!

at 10:05 the nurse comes in and checks me... She says your at a 10 but the baby is still very high... lets try some practice pushes then we will sit you up and gravity.... So she kicked everyone out. i had to beg for my parents and his mom... but that saddest part was my aunt who had been there through IT ALL, was there first and paid her dues, got kicked out too...

i practice pushed her right into the birth canal! So i got this baby completely crowing... My mom could see hair... and the nurse says ok that enough i'm gonna call the Dr... WHAT??? THE DR NOT HERE???? WHAT I CAN"T PUSH??? The feeling is like whne you have reallllly bad diarrhea and you sit on the toilet and someone tells you to hold it. There's no way! During the day we had discovered part of the reason for this ever last labor, karly's heart beat issues, and my back pain was that karly was facing the wrong way. Babies are supposed to come out facing the ground or your booty... Karly was sunny side up... face up. This leads to higher risks of shoulder dystocia. Where the shoulder gets stuck on my pubic bone, alot of times has to be dislocated to be birthed. I know i can't push without the dr because of that. But during this time of INTENSE pain my husband was leaning over me and trying to help me breath through the contractions. I feel something that feels like a giant cork screw up in my vajayjay. I figure this was the moment she choose to turn the way she was supposed to. The nurse says the Dr will be there in 20 mins... This is at like 10:10...At 10:40 i was gettin pissed! He came in at 10:45 put on a gown... three pushes she was out! I saw her and cried. She's beautiful. 10:48PM - Karly Jae Whitsell 6lbs 12 ounces 19 1/2 inches- with a small amount of BLACK hair!!!

The next 48 hours were a blurr of complications, pain, and joy! Karly had to have her tummy pumped because she wasn't keeping any food down, they she got bad jaundice, they she lost too much weight, but now were are all fine and she is growing so well!

Monday, March 9, 2009


On a serious note: I have learned that being a mom, and a wife, means that things change daily. You either adapt or your house gets really messy, or children get hurt, or your husband gets frustrated, et... So my fear lately is simply this; Can i adapt to this third quickly approaching child? Or will life become complete chaos, more so than it is already? Will Kendra hurt this child, will i go crazy trying to keep Karly safe? Will Aidan get pushed to the side, because he doesn't DEMAND attention by putting things up his nose? Will Kendra try to kill us all in the night for revenge? I usually by this point in my pregnancy have begun the major nesting thing. In Kendra's pregnancy i already had all the baby clothes, toys, diapers, neatly organized. Her cradles sat draped with a sheet to protect it from dust next to my bed. I would daily find SOMETHING new to scrub... the baseboards, ceiling fans, et. I had made double meals for a month and frozen the other portion.
This pregnancy i have not nested yet. I have no cradle. I barely packed our bags. I only have the clothes in the hospital bags washed and ready, nothing else. I AM SOOOO NOT READY! Yet tomorrow is the first day no one will stop my labor. I won't be told to sit down and put my feet up if the contractions start... AND THEY WILL. I guess the point is, I'm scared. I am afraid of trying to adapt to this one. I'm not afraid i won't love her, i am afraid i won't have time to bond with her! So this is why i think i have not nested. I'm not ready.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Bad day... But thats ok because the diver has a penis

So i have had a bad day... I blogged just a couple days (okay weeks) ago about kendi getting sick. She has only been off of antibiotics for about 5 days now. Last night she woke me up at 1am to tell me "eeawws hut" (ears hurt) and then did the 'its a dog, its a seal?' cough. I took her temp, yep 101. SO same symptoms different week i guess. I just don't know what to do with her. I don't understand all of her sicknesses. On top of that i saw my Ob/gyn last Tuesday, he said to stop taking the anti-contraction medication on Tuesday, so reasonably i could have another baby in... YIKES... 5 days..... OMG! So back to the diver has a penis... So i spent the day trying my best to pack my hospital bags, do all of Karly's laundry, and get at least the diapers put away, all while practically holding kendi on my hip.
I was amazed that i was able to even think about dinner, but i managed to pull a Martha Stewart and make some seriously awesome microwave hots dogs, complete with no vegetables... wait is ketchup a veggie???? Then my husband has the audacity to be late, because someone just HAD TO GO ROB THE DEL TACO AT GUN POINT... hey they probably got some veggies in their dinner.. Anyway, so i eat with the kids, put kendi to bed after a 1/2 gallon of cough syrup, montrin, and benedryl, and sit down with Aidan to play a rousing game of mouse trap... All's fine and dandy till Aidan points out that the diver has a penis! I of course have to examine the diver, and yup it looks just like a penis...

So then my husband shows up, and Aidan meets him at the door with the diver and my husband announces that "we're suing mousetrap, that would get us at least 5 grand for traumatizing our poor child..." I laughed... I laughed till i almost peed... I laughed till i had a painful contractions that reminded me not too.
Nose update: This week kendi has put up her nose, one raisin, one small toy gun, one apple seed, and some fish food...
Baby update... I'm too fat to comment on that one at the moment... But at my last dr apt... we were running late so all four of us were crammed into a tiny room to await the dr. A nurse walks in with a sheet and says, "you get a vag exam today, take your pants off and use this (napkin size) drape." So i am sitting bare ass, and Aidan is off to the side giggling, and Kendra poops... a VERY STINKY POOP!!! So i am sure when the doctor walked in he wanted to turn around and leave. How was he to know it was Kendra?