Monday, February 9, 2009

Alarm clocks

For years the sound of an alarm clock makes my heart race and anxiety spring up. Just that annoying repeating sound. There are occasional commercials on TV so i would spring for the remote and mute them. I hate the sound of alarm clocks.

After i became a mom there are two new sounds that have joined the reaction alarm clocks get. Its a seal barking!?!?!? Its a dog barking!?!?!?! NOOO IT'S MY CHILD WITH A CROUPY COUGH OR AN ASTHMA ATTACK!!!! The other sound is cough- cough.... silence... cry... The sound of a kid throwing up! These two sounds can bring me out of the deepest sleep. They make me bolt across the house hurdling child gates, toys, and rocking horses. They make me think as clearly as i have ever thought before, grabbing a spare trash can, towel or inhaler. They are the dreaded noises in the night (its the only time they really seem to happen, right?)

My poor kendi has been sick lately. It started with a midnight cough-cough....silence... cry and progressed into "ears owwie mama" ... followed by, its a dog, its a seal.

Last night i shared my bed with Aidan because the last two nights in a row he has slept walked. So until i get little alarms on the doors to notify me of entering or exiting he will sleep with me. IN the midst of his kicking the crap outta me and stealing the covers kendi starts crying.. She can't breath. I sat for the rest of the night rocking her in her rocking chair so she could breath. Its moments like that, that i truly feel needed. I truly feel like a mom, and in the quiet dark with my baby on my chest, i secretly enjoy it. Soon she will be too big to rock.

Monday, February 2, 2009

My boy is 7

OKay i suck at making pictures go in order... So this is the end of the birthday party.. Aidan was trying to watch a movie Happy 7th Birthday little Man!

An attack on spongebob!

My boy started playing soccer this last couple of weeks. He is sooo good at it!

Kendi and Whoo whoo... She is sure that it is a monkey and she calles all monkeys whoo whoo's because that is what they say... whoo whoo is my mom's new puppy Winnie.. she's a labradoodle... Yup fluffy and all...

As for an update on the peas... Kendi has since stuck up her nose: Meatloaf : one raisin: 1/2 Kix cereal: Prechewed dog food: piece of carrot: some mashed banana: Another raisin: 1 skittle: 1 mushed blueberry: and approximately 3 nerds! I'm getting use to it now. She just thinks it's funny! Her poor sinuses! Most of these foods come out with a common snot rocket except for raisins... they swell F.Y.I.!!

My boy turned 7 on the 28th which was so huge for me. 7 years ago i became a mom. My life was changed forever. 7 years ago right now i was wondering if his dad would ever be a dad and thinking maybe i should marry him to protect Aidan. My theory was that if i was there in his life at least biodad wouldn't have him by himself. If i had i would have spent 5 years of Aidan's 7 with a husband in jail. I thank God almost daily for giving me guidance through my parents and mentors. I also am still in awe of my husband who stepped into the roll of father when Aidan was 2 1/2 and never has stopped. He amazes me.

As for the newest baby whitsell... I am starting to wonder if we are all sure she is a she... I mean i saw with my eyes the girly parts, but everytime i go to the store people say 'so your having a boy' every one of them! With my other two kids people always guessed right. I have also had 2 dreams where i had a fat little baby boy! (one of them he was 10lbs in YIKES) So i dunno... maybe i will take a pair of blue jammies just in case.

I have a doctor appt on thursday... Hopefully i haven't gained toooooo much weight! YIKES.