Saturday, January 24, 2009

No PEAS please!

I love peas... I serve them with most dinners.
I have said before that Kendra preys on the weak, the sick, the tired, and the hugely pregnant! Lately i feel weak and hugely pregnant (house size) most days but last night kendi had me up 6 times in the 5 hours of sleep i got. SO i got to add tired to my list this morning. She knew it! She woke up with a bang. Insisting i get her juice before i had even gotten to her room to let her out (we cage her in at night {gate on her door } for fear of being attacked in our sleep) I got her juice and she threw it on the ground apparently she wanted apple not orange! The day progressed as i thought it would, i spent the day following her, disciplining her, picking up after her and getting nothing on my list done!!! She did EVERYTHING naughty she could today. So dinner tonight was a healthy fish sticks, tator tots, and peas... the meal i make when Kendra has won! As i was falling asleep in my tots i hear an odd sniffing noise... its a familiar one... I look to see kendi with one finger in her left nostril while she is blowing out the right! She put a pea up there. I look and yup all i see is green. I plug left nostril, glare at Aidan who is laughing so hard he fell outta his chair, and tell her to blow. She does, it soars at her high chair tray, bounces off and the dog catches and eats it before it hits the ground!
At this point i am laughing, Aidan is laughing to the point of not breathing and kendi thinks she is the funniest lil thing ever!
Later that night i notice that even when no one is looking she is still covering her left nostril and blowing, the sticking her finger up there, and repeat... Could it be that there was more than one pea??? I get a flash light and see nothing but nasal septum... and a boogie! I call my husband, my mom, and nobody was available to tell me if the warrants a trip to the ER. So i call the expert. Tamar... a mother of 4. There is no way she has gone this whole time without one of them putting something up their nose! (come to find out one of them put a bumble bee up their nose, that trumps a pea) She told me to get the nasal aspirator/snot sucker and try sucking the bugger out... I did... nothing happened... So it is a mystery... Is there another pea up there... or maybe multiple peas. My husband says we can wait it out and go tomorrow or Monday, which is good cuz the ER in the high desert at night is plain SCARY! I will you keep you updated...

Friday, January 9, 2009

Baby Whitsell 3D ultrasound

Looks like Kendra's Profile Whitsell Double Chin... Although mom has one at the moment...

Sucking on toes.

Playing with Toes

Holding Foot

So we had a very last second ultrasound on Tuesday (6th). I already had a doctor appointment and all went well. He said that i am showing some signs of pre-eclampsia which i already new, and that the baby was measuring big... kinda scary! Other than that all is well. I called the nearest, cheapest, bestest... yeah i know not a word... ultrasound place which is in riverside. They said i have only two more prime weeks where the baby isn't too smooshed. Well aidan is on break only till Monday so either we take him outta school or i make an appointment for the same day as my doctor since i was already most of the way there.

We got there and i told the lady that we didn't want to know the sex... She said well then you wont see anything but face... is that okay.. I put on a HUGE POUT ... nnoooo i wanna see toes, belly, booty, et. So jay gave in and the deal was if we saw it then oh well, but she wouldn't look for it or point it out. the SECOND she placed the Ultrasound on my belly we saw the the baby had both feet up by it's ears and i saw a VAJAYJAY... i looked at her with big eyes and she said did ya see it... and i was like i think i saw girly parts. and she was like do you wanna know and of course i said ya. She said yep its another girl! YEA!!!! Two girls, two tutus, three PMSing... Just kidding... We are really happy. So i looked at jay and he said "YOU KNOW!" and i said ya but i will play dumb i won't tell you. He said he wanted to know so I said its a Karly.
Karly Jae- Means Darling little bird.
Poor Aidan cried alittle when he found out. He really wanted a boy. He said his friend would make fun of him when he comes to school with bruises from being tackled by his sisterS. Then he asked if we could "just put baby gates around them mom!" Since then he has seen some silver lining like NEVER having to share his room or boy toys. He seems to be okay with it now.

Friday, January 2, 2009

december in reverse

Christmas day 2008. The perfect day. Kids woke up to his and hers big wheels. But that didn't slow them down too much. Then we went to my moms to spend the day eating yummy food... My doctor will probably ask if i had a little extra whip cream with my pie this year... Going backwards (partly bc i haven't figured this bloggin thing out yet) Xmas eve at aunt Sally's. So much fun, especially after cousin Amanda gave Aidan a Nerf gun.

After all the snow melted... yes i said snow on the desert... daddy and kiddo's had fun wrestling in the leaves!

After the snow came two kids with bad colds!

2 sick kiddos on a daddy!

Snow... Seriously!

A snowman in my backyard... whowouldathunkit

it started snowing on the 17th and didn't stop. They had to call a half day for all the school because the parent where worried about gettin their kids. I picked Aidan up way before that after my husband told me that all the desert rats where driving like dingbats due to the fact that desert people aren't use to any weather other than wind!

Like i said.... Snow seriously!

Baby update: Still doing great... still having contractions... I am trying to really get control of my thoughts as far as preterm labor. It seems to help. We hit a milestone this week. If i had the baby this week the baby's survival rate jumped from 60% last week to 80-90% this week. I guess a vital lung milestone was met. So that helps a bit. As of the 1st i am with a hospital that has a NICU !!!! YEA!!!!! My first doctor apt is on the 6th. On the 7th of this month i will be exactly 3 months away from my due date.... lordy time flies. As of today i have 13 weeks and 3 days to go.. wow! We came up with a girl name... Karly Jae Whitsell... It means Darling little bird... NO BOY NAMES AT ALL... Suggestions anyone???? i'll give you an update if the Dr says anything on tuesday... Happy new year all!