Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Cops wife with a lack of grace

I dramatically sat my husband down about 1 year ago and told him... "If something happens on the job i don't want one of your captains that i don't know to be the one to break it to me." I proceeded to tell him i would prefer one person, the one i had known the longest that was in our wedding. That way when he came in my crazy, messy, chaotic house he would not be thinking about CPS he would know that that;'s how i roll and have some emotional connection with me.
Tonight the door bell rings... I thought it was Jay because Kendi was screaming daddy. So karly's starts crawling to the door, and Aidan is racing me to the door... when i realize that it is the "one man". My heart sunk... I almost felt faint. i dropped the bag of frozen french fries. I knew what his being at the door during j's shift without j meant! I flung the door open, pushed kids out of the way with my foot and shut it behind me. i practically screamed in his face "WHAT HAPPENED!?!" He looked at me extremely puzzled. I am realizing he doesn't have that "i'm so sorry" look on his face... "Uhh there was a 911 hang up with kids playing in the background, i know your pregnancies don't go well, sooo i just thought i would check on you" All this time he has this look of "should i call your husband and have him come home, cuz lady you are crazy"
I texted him later and told him WHY i freaked out... he was sweet about it... I realized i am one cops wife who has a serious lack of grace!