Saturday, February 20, 2010


Karly: has learned to crawl like a big girl (finally). She no longer does the one are army crawl! She has discovered she can pull up on EVERYTHING, she also took her first step (on accident) last week! She is getting so big. Jay and i swear she grows every time she sleeps. She has adding woofing (like a dog) to her growling... Nice! We are weaning her off of her formula and on to goats milk in hopes that that will help with our chronic constipation : ( She got a big girl car seat and no longer rides in her baby seat : ( she is getting so big... She loves facing forward. She is officially 11 months old today.... and again : (! She has very little hair and two teeth!

Kendra: Is still a spit fire! We are learning she doesn't follow directions as well as other three year olds so we are going to start requiring more out of her. I think her dad and i have had sooo many battles with her that was just not something high on the priority list. She has successfully potty trained WHOOO HOO!!!!! Only took one year from the first time we tried! She took a couple ballet classes, but then we thought it best to wait alittle longer, she doesn't have the sitting still and listening skills down to well yet! We are going to look for some other outlet for her! She has crazy hair and is constantly going! She is SOOO funny!

Aidan: has had the most changes this month! In first grade he was diagnosed with ADHD. The dr said it was a severe cast and threw pills at us. Jay & I being naive took them and said thank you. Hind sight... I tell ya... can make a parent crazy with guilt! I have ADD as well a pretty bad case, so i guess we just thought that this diagnosis was unarguable, when in reality he may just be a little boy, or have a very mild case! We should have researched it and seen that there is a multitude of other options besides heavy duty class three drugs (basically speed). We began giving him his "meds" and there was an improvement but over the year and a half we managed to go from 5 mg to 20 mg... 20mg is what i take.... At that point he had every single side effect except one! He went from my little boy to a zombie kid that looked like my little boy but didn't' act like him. When even at 20mg he was still not succeeding in school we got our wake up call. Through MUCH talking, praying, and researching, we are taking him off his meds completely! But now we know that he won't pass second grade if he is off his meds (not to mention the massive layoffs this year will mean a HUGE class size next year) So through research i am thankful to announce that i will be homeschooling him. I am thankful because i can! In this economy its a miracle that i get to be a stay at home mom at all! Next week will be his last week! I will update more later!

Me: at first i was terrified to consider homeschooling... how could someone who also has ADD teach someone else? But the reality is "who better" I know the coping skills he needs to learn, i also know how to let go of things that are less important (my house) in order to focus on things that are (my kids). I also know (although so so hard to do) not to compare myself to other people and wonder why Jessica can have a perfect clean white house and i can't even keep my laundry done or my house picked up! I'm now more excited about it all. This is going to be fun! What an awesome job to get to be the one to turn the light bulb on over his head! To help him explore and learn through touching and experiment rather than sitting and listening! But oh man... GOD HELP ME PLEASE!

Jay: Has had some exciting undercover stuff in his work... He truly lights up at doing stuff out of the ordinary! His new job offers more freedom! Its really exciting to watch! He is supporting all our changes although is also worried that i will need to be sent to the loony bin!

New Baby Whitsell!

We have made it to 11 weeks... wow that's all... i look like i am at least 4 months... i guess that's what happens when you are on your 9th pregnancy... You body is like "I know how to do this... Out with the gut!" at 11 weeks he or she has fingers and toes... teeny tiny ones! Baby W weighs about 1/2 an ounce and is the size of a large lime (2.5 inches from booty to head) It moves and has hiccups.. (although i don't' feel anything yet) My due date is Sept 8th 2010. ALTHOUGH all three of my kids have been born at 28 weeks. Aidan 28 weeks 1 day. Kendra 28 weeks 5 days. Karly 28 weeks 6 days. So that make Baby W's estimated delivery date to be sometime around the 25th of August!


Nae said...

Hey that's my birthday!!! Good day to be born :)

I'm glad to know that you have peace about your decisions. You are going to be an amazing teacher! And yay for 11 weeks!