Thursday, February 4, 2010


Karly Scooting with kix stuck to her butt!

our awesome gate... and karly's Cracks!

Happy 8th Birthday sweet boy!

CAKE and no teeth

Aidan's Class singing happy birthday!

Diggin an RC track in the back yard


Kendra stuck a key in her ngiht light! It melted the key to her light... She's lucky to be alive!

So i had this grand idea to blog more often so i could save it as a way for the kids to look back into our everyday life... well since i haven't blogged since the beginning of December... We'll just aim at gettin in one a week!
Since then

~ We had Christmas, it was a little tight this year money wise but we still got to have fun. I hopeing do a good job of instilling in the kids the true reason for the season. Happy Birthday Jesus!
~ Kendra started and is very successful in potty training !!! !Yea... and again mommy says "YEA!"

~Kendra Started Ballet! SOOO CUTE! She loves it... She called it ballerina class but it sounds a bit like diarreah class! : )
~ Karly can crawl like a big girl(as of three days ago) Until then she was scooting.. very well and fast but not the official crawl!

~Karly can pull her self up on things and take steps while holding on! Won't be long!

~Aidan started Awanas... So cute... So many memories that come with watching them learn the word of God!

~Aidan has been struggling with spelling so we are trying some new study techniques... update to follow

~Aidan went on an awesome field trip to a museum! So much fun

~Aidan got a early birthday present of a RC car... a nice one.... dad got one too of course!
~Aidan lost his two top teeth!
~we all got the stomach flu so bad... OHHH baby it was bad!
~We built and RC track in the back yard... so much fun! Gave the stomach flu to our good friends the shaurettes!
~ We got an amazing gate that fences in the whole family room... The reason for this ugly gate .... Drum roll please.... I am PREGNANT.... Seriously! I'm not kidding... I really am!

~I am about 9 weeks pregnant! Whoa baby 4 kids... I am already huge! I look like a 5 month pregnant mama... Its probably a mixture of being very bloated and having this be my 9th... yes i said 9th pregnancy! All was going well till this week when my hormones took a turn for the worse... they put me on a huge amount of hormones... 100mg only had 50m with karly... Wow... i am sick all the time! So here are some pictures (none of them have my fat gut in them! you welcome) of the past two months


Diana said...

Love it Al, so glad you do this!!