Friday, June 12, 2009

Just a reminder

It dawned on me this morning... I am much like my two year old! If i tell her "nope no candy" she sits on the ground and cries, sometimes there is tantrum involved. If i tell her "yeah you can have a piece" I am the best mom in the world and most of the time this warrants a hug and an "I wuv ou mommy"
So why am i like that with God, my Papa? Where you lead i will follow? UNLESS... i don't like where you are going, and in that case i will sit on the ground and cry, kick, scream, and QUESTION your ability to be GOD! Seriously? So if the Dr. says "yea Karly is fine" Oh Papa you are the best God, completely in control, thank you Jesus, its a MIRACLE! If the Dr. Says "Karly's gonna die, Karly's gonna be mentally retarded, Karly's gonna need surgery" "why God WHY? WHY ME? Ohh mercy! " Then i would most likely question his ability to lead 'me', and rebuke the devil, as if God wasn't LEADING me.
I am writing this to remind myself. It is 6am and the unknown is killing me.... BUT ALI God is leading you HAVE TO follow!