Thursday, June 4, 2009

update on karly

When i was a little girl me and my brother shared a bad case of strep throat. We passed it back and forth probably three times. At that time my dad worked as a hospital administrator and so the Dr made house calls..... whatta job perk huh? When the Dr came to the house i said i felt horrible, my throat hurt... pout pout... (i was lying)... i didn't want to go to school the next day! I thought she give me some yummy strawberry syrup to drink before bed and i would get a long weekend with Andy... She looked down my throat, my heart raced, would i get caught? Would she know i was lying... "Yep you got the white patches on the back of your throat, you got it!!!" Wow i thought... that was easy! I'm so smart! She looked down my brothers throat, yup he has it too... SWEET i thought we can play together!She turned and looked worried at my mom "we've given the oral antibiotics so many times this winter i think a shot might be better" OHhhh no! My plan backfired... I ran to the bathroom crying about having to pee, when i came out my brother was pulling down his ninja turtle underwear and aiming a butt cheek at the Dr who was posed with the needle like she was about to throw a dart at his bum! I ran back into the bathroom. I remember sitting on the toilet looking at my feet (which didn't touch the floor yet) and thinking i will just have to tell the truth! So i came out and humbly told the Dr i had made up my symptoms, a total exaggeration on my part, I am sure i will feel just fine in the morning and i will get up and go to school! She looked at me and said "No sweetie you have strep throat you have to get a shot" I RAN, but sadly my dad caught my arm, held me over his knee and gently took down my care bear undies and i got the dart in my cheek!

I feel the same way now. Karly is fine, i just over reacted. She just sat in the birth canal too long, she isn't sick and won't be sick. She is FINE physically and MENTALLY!!! There's no need for a pediatric Neuro SURGEON!!! There's no need to Loma Linda... I over reacted... I worry too much...

The bottom line is i am scared i will get the shot anyway. I am scared i really do have strep throat. I am scared i will never see her as normal. Although i will love her NO MATTER what... I am afraid!

We have an appointment with a Dr. Zorro... So lets hope he is as heroic as his name implies and we are on our way with little more than a helmet and a follow up appointment... Right now i am running low on hope! How many HMO's can get two referrals submitted and approved in less than one week, one in the same day???


Nae said...

Thank you for this update. I will continue to pray for you all! I wish I could be closer...please call me if you ever need to vent! Even about the weather. I love you so very much!