Tuesday, June 30, 2009

when i grow up

When i grow up i am going to invent Nannies that give Mommies sick days!!!! This morning i was preparing dinner (crock pot chicken spaghetti) barfing in the sink while holding three month old Karly. THen kendra comes in an starts rambling off the things she wants to eat and between that and the raw chicken i loose it... ihead for the sink and hope its clear cuz THAR SHE BLOWS>... When kendi grabs my leg and sits on my foot. I CRANE my neck and stretch my body and pull my leg with all my might! It all ended well... except for my poor coffee which came back up with a vengeance. So ... back to my original thought... I am going to invent Nannies that are covered under your insurance to come in when mommies are sick and daddies are at work. They come in and be mommy for the day, week, month whatever the DR orders... Don't steal my idea... I'm so gonna patent it!


The Reed Family said...

GREAT idea Ali!!!! In Canada they have that!! We are deprived of it here, hehe! I was sick a few months ago with 106 degree fever for three day and Ron was at work. I couldn't move and I just laid on the couch for days and my kids basically had to fend for themselves (thank the Lord they're older and can do that) and they all were just getting better from the chicken pox otherwise my family would've helped me. My mom (bless her heart) put a bunch of cooked food on my doorstep and ding-dong-ditched because with her condition she can get the chicken-pox numerous times. It would've been so nice to have a nanny at that moment--so get busy and make it happen, lol.